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NEW! Saia® GSU (Gas Shut-Off) Solution
Johnson Electric specializes in gas actuator and valve components and subassemblies that are ideal for today’s stringent requirements for gas flow regulation. Our product capabilities extend from motion control components to complete subsystems including PMDC, HVDC, BLDC, stepper and synchronous motors, gearboxes, solenoids, microswitches and integrated electronic drive solutions. Our new Saia® GSU consists of perfectly matched and fully integrated components, including an intrinsically-safe stepper motor, stepper drive and control unit with software, feedback switch, integrated gas valve and gas-proof cable lead.

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New Evaluation Kit for Rotary and Linear Steppers
Introducing a unique PCB that enables a design engineer to test, modify, and optimize a driver for their application economically and within a short time frame by experimenting with a library of circuits and drive modes.

The Evaluation Kit for stepper motors is a universal development and test tool allowing fast prototype development, as well as flexible application support.
Flexible Design Linear Step Motor Accommodates Many Custom Requirements

New linear stepper drive

New 20mm Linear Stepper Motor
Gas Tight Motors
New Applications in HVAC
New Applications in Vending
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